Your freedom cfg 2019

Connect your PC modem and start up freedom to enjoy your free browsing. Enjoy while it last!. Please kindly help because I did input all that was needed but each time i connect it disconnect immediately. Thanks a lot. I've been having issues with authentication. Changing the port to 53 has solved it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The configuration can either done manually or automatically by importing the cfg config files into the app.

Before you begin, register an account with your freedom at freedom. This account will be used to login to various your-freedom servers to use their VPN services. Just so you know, this is a free account with bandwidth limitations. Working Freedom Server: ems Port: Now insert your Freedom username and password that you created initially. Go to your preferred web browser and enter the following settings. APN: glounlimitedzone or gloflat.

Proxy: leave it blank. Port: leave it blank. Username and password: flat. Enter Your Freedom Server: ems Tweaks: select Nigeria Glo. Connection Mode: DNS. Now, go back to Main page and tap on Start Connection. It will connect immediately. Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. With this news. Please it is now working.

Configuration Questions

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Ok Privacy policy.MR mOaS Do u experience internet speed dropdown over time cuz i have been experience for sometie now? Am not getting you clear sir.

Which side of dns am I to change please??

your freedom cfg 2019

Server or dns domain?? How to find open ports. Few months earlier i was able to connect through dns connection mode, but now i am unable to connect, error says "name resolution failed", can you help me solve this problem? And what other dns can I use? That's a nice post Because, It is full informative. Hello, how long do i have to wait so that i may re activate the trail package on my account? Every time I open my YF it doesn't last long while watching youYouTviseos and it brakes down completely.

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You need to have an account

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your freedom cfg 2019

Valid information for anyone who needs it. Home About us Contact Servises Sitemap. Will Your Freedom get me a free Internet connection? Probably yes, particularly if you use DNS tunneling mode.Please be sure to review our Acceptable Use Policy before you download and install the Your Freedom client.

Your Freedom VPN App Fast Speed Config for Free Unlimited Internet Trick 2019-2020

To use the Your Freedom client you need to create an account first. It only takes a minute! Please find the YF client version that suits your requirements most from the table below.

If you are an unexperienced user or would just like to get going as quickly as possible, then use one of the installer versions, preferrably the full installer. Note: If your admin has blocked download of. You should not use older client versions unless you suspect that something has changed for the worse with a new client release and you would like to try a previous version to determine if it's true. Old client versions can be found here. The latest version compatible with Java 1.

We strongly recommend that you only use this version if you must use an obsolete Java installation. In order to unleash the full functionality of the Your Freedom client, OpenVPN needs to be installed on your computer as well. You do not need to configure it which is a bit obscureyou only need to install it with default options which is simple. Note: You must use at least version 2. Use the latest stable version.

There are several available, some for free, some for a donation, some for a more or less reasonable license fee, and some may work better for your application than others. The choice is yours. The list below is our choice of the available offerings. FreeCap is, as the name suggests, freeware.

The author asks for a small donation if you like it. Download FreeCap from the author's download page. We like this best because it's free and easy to use, and it's good enough for many but not all applications. SocksCap used to be distributed for free non-commercial use by Permeo but is no longer available from their web page. There are loads of copies on the Internet though, just google for "sc32r The latest release is 2.

ProxyCap is a highly sophisticated and somewhat difficult to use socksifier. It comes with a 30 day free trial period.

A license costs USD Proxifier is also a very clever piece of software. Testing for 31 days is free, a license costs USD Plus it's also available for Mac OS X.

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Check it out on the Proxifier home page. The Hummingbird suite contains a socksifier as well. It can be found on the Hummingbird web site. It's free. Download it from Inferno Nettverk's web site or just install it as part of your distribution it's probably called "dante-client". It can be found on Sourceforge. There is a Mac OS X version as well. We require that you maintain your PC in a safe state, free of viruses, worms and other malware, and ensure that it is not part of a bot net.

Or go the whole hog and install a security suite.Incredible articles and awesome design. Your blog entry merits the greater part of the positive input it"s been getting.

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Download Your Freedom VPN APK + Settings & Browse Unlimited

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Home About Privacy Contact Us. Unknown 17 May at Unknown 28 March at Unknown 29 March at Unknown 31 March at Unknown 26 April at Unknown 4 April at Unknown 16 April at Kerry 19 April at David 22 April at Your Freedom aims to open the doors to an unrestricted Internet, bypassing firewall settings or web filters that block the access of specific IP addresses to a server.

Striving for privacy protection and anonymity, it provides a VPN tunneling utility that can conceal your real identity while navigating online, avoiding activity tracing and logging. Thanks to the built-in wizard, the configuration goes like a charm.

Once you choose the desired proxy, you can start navigating anonymously. Your Freedom can work in concert with a SOCKS software utility to trick an application or a game into believing that the connection is direct, not routed via a proxy. This way, you can enjoy playing a game or using an application that normally wouldn't be accessible to users in your location.

Additional functionality is unlocked if OpenVPN is installed on your computer. Your Freedom features a tab-based interface where you can manage the connection and view statistics regarding the opened streams, sent and received data amounts, transfer speed, and your account profile. Uploads and downloads can be limited by Your Freedom, and access restrictions can be manually configured by you.

There are various applications Your Freedom can work in conjunction with, including browsers Internet ExplorerChrome and Firefoxinstant messengers Yahoo! The list is quite limited, if you think about the multitude of other applications that could use an anonymous connection.

The benefits of a proxy tunneling tool such as Your Freedom are obvious: it can anonymize your Internet connection, bypassing censorship attempts and protecting your identity. Moreover, web servers your computer accesses will no longer be able to track your activity, and webpages that are normally restricted in your area will become completely accessible. Configuration goes smoothly, provided you already have a created account, which is mandatory.

While it does not have a modern look, the interface keeps all the settings and options one-click away.

You need to have an account

Your Freedom. A all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall and proxy bypassing, anonymization and anti-censorship solution that enables you to browse the Internet in a secure way. What's new in Your Freedom Backport from Android.

Mostly new domains. Read the full changelog. Your Freedom was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici. Your Freedom add to watchlist send us an update. Load comments. All rights reserved.The instructions on this page are for Windows users; please check out the links on the left for other operating systems. You need administrative privileges on your PC, so it probably won't work on most company PCs.

With Vista and Windows 7, you also need to explicitly run the Your Freedom client with administrative privileges right-click, "Run as administrator". Alternatively, right-click on the link in the start menu, choose "Properties", click on the "Compatibility" tab, then tick the "run as administrator" checkbox -- this will fix it once and for all, as long as you always use this link to run the YF client. It needs to be at least version 2.

Ensure that it is not part of a bot net. If you don't our servers might have to close down your account to protect our systems. It is for your own protection! If you haven't got other protection consider installing free protection software like Microsoft Security EssentialsAvira Antivir or avast!

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Do it now! You should use a version 2.

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Simply click through the installer, the defaults are fine. That's all the configuration you need, you don't have to mess with the slightly cryptic internals of OpenVPN, the Your Freedom client will do this for you. Now start the Your Freedom client. Click on the Ports panel. The port number should be unless you have to change it -- in fact it can be nearly anything between and but is the default and usually fine. You should be done now! Start the Your Freedom connection and watch the door symbol.

It should open as it normally does, but a few seconds later it should open further. Check out the message log, it tells you when OpenVPN is ready or if there is any problem. I say other than the Your Freedom client because it doesn't matter if they use it -- they just don't have to anymore.

Also, do not use any socksifiers. Install and run your games and applications just like you were at home with a DSL or cable router connecting you to the Internet. With Windows Vista and Windows 7 there is more work to be done. Fortunately, Microsoft has started with Vista to care more about your safety than they have with older Windows versions.Generally, CGI connection mode is the slowest of all possible connection modes.

This is due to the way it works, it needs to accumulate data before it sends it off to the other side. But you can adjust a few knobs and try to make it faster. You need to locate the ". Have a look at the user guide if you need help with this step. This file can be edited with any text editor, for example Notepad. It is difficult to break this file so don't hesitate to try Here are the parameters with their default values and their meaning:.

All these values normally do not appear in the config file and are not configurable through the front end. Just add lines to the file it does not matter where that contain the name of the value, a space, and the numeric value to which you would like to set it no unit. Try it, you can't break anything, if it doesn't work just remove the lines again. YF server "names" starting with U2 are encrypted IP addresses. If you ever see them it means that the YF client believes that you are pretty much filtered.

It will then try some addresses reserved for desperate people, and these addresses are only distributed in encrypted form. Don't worry about the strange look of them, they work nevertheless. And if they don't, they got filtered as well.

This is a feature added in version Basically it's a set of rules how a connection between the YF client and the YF server can be made in some special networking situations. Most people don't need these and can safely leave it disabled; in fact if you are able to connect, do not enable tweaks.

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However if you are unable to connect check whether one of the tweaks seems to match your networking situation. Their names are very explicit. Will we add more of these? We add them when needed, and we can only add them if we learn about such tweaks. If you've got a clever way to configure the YF client to connect to its servers in some unusual networking situation, please tell us about it.

Why are there no such tweaks for Iran, China, and whatnot? Basically because you don't need them there.

your freedom cfg 2019

It does what the name suggests. Now, while the channel that web proxies and firewalls normally provide to web browsers for HTTPS is typically but not always transparent, they sometimes check that the protocol spoken is actually SSLv2 or SSLv3 TLS and not something else -- this is to prevent e.

SSH tunneling through this port.

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